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Child Psychiatry & Parenting Issues

The child and adolescent psychiatrist is a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy who specializes in the diagnosis and, if indicated, the treatment of disorders of thinking, feeling and/or behavior affecting children, adolescents, and their families. A child and adolescent psychiatrist offers families the advantages of a medical education, the medical traditions of professional ethics, and medical responsibility for providing comprehensive care.


Do not burden your child

Childhood, which was once considered as the golden period of one’s life and age of fun and frolic blessed with innocence and carefree nature, now has lost its charm and blissfulness and become a burdened age. Today’s child faces many burdens very early in his life. He tastes the meanings of words like tough competition, rivalry, interview, tuition, coaching etc. as soon as he reaches infancy. At the mere age of two or so he is exposed to the so-called informal education or preparatory schools. On the pretext of imparting informal education many of these schools start teaching (reading, writing and arithmetic) to children, when they are not at all prepared for them. These schools prepare them for their admission in big (formal) schools or in other words teach them ‘how to face an interview board’ at 2 ½ years of age. So children have to carry this burden of getting admission in the school of their parents’ choice. God forbid, by chance if they fail to get admission in any of these schools, they have to face agony of their parents, who openly blame them for this failure, indirectly hurting their self-esteem at such an impressionable age.

After the child admission in school, don’t always expect excellent academic and extra curricular performance. Don’t insist that your child should always stand first in class, be s good swimmer, an excellent debater and so on. Let him take things easy according to his own pace.
We are not sparing them even in their vacations. In our times vacations were meant for visiting our grandparents, relatives or ancestral place, have masti and revive our bonding with elder but now a days during vacations also we want our children to enjoy hobby classes and learn painting, drawings, music, dance, horse riding etc. In holidays also they have to follow a set of routine and there is no time to relax and discover themselves. Their schedule has become so tight that they are hardly left with anything to pursue their own interests.

We want our children to achieve all that we could not achieve due to various reasons. By doing so we indirectly pressurize our children. So being parents, dear friends, let these children enjoy their childhood, let them wander in the wonderland of dreams and fairy tales. Let them explore and enjoy the beauty of the world around them. Let’s be friends with them and try to see the world through their eyes. Let’s listen to their viewpoints and new ideas. Give them time and space to flourish.

Today’s pushy parents taking extreme route

A new breed of “extreme” parents are going to increasingly desperate lengths to give their children a head start over there peers according to a new book on family life is claming. Growing numbers of middle class mothers and fathers are loosing sight of the joy of childrearing as they drive their offspring to excel at everything.
They begin to see fellow parents as competitors rather than allies in the struggle to bring up the perfect son or daughter. They resort to extremes their own parents would never have considered to give their children and edge over their peers- even sneakily practicing for the egg and spoon race.
Some forge homework written in the name of their offspring-including’ authentic mistakes- and put them to be with foreign radio station playing encourage language learning.

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